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Becki Pinckard

Infant Swimming Resource Lessons with Certified ISR Master Instructor


ISR is the most educational and effective survival swimming instruction program available.  

For over 50 years, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has been teaching children critical Self-Rescue skills — giving children the competence and confidence to safely enjoy the water. ISR’s technique teaches babies from 6 months to 6 years of age how to save themselves if they were to end up in the water alone.

It's Preventable!

Since this time yesterday, 11 infants and young children have drowned in the United States. Another 39 fell into a body of water and will suffer permanent brain damage… They didn’t have to. Drowning is a preventable tragedy. 


My name is Becki Pinckard, and I am proud to be part of the solution for infant drowning

ISR is the nation’s safest and most comprehensive drowning prevention program. I currently only offer Self-Rescue lessons in Chandler. I am also so grateful to be an affiliate of the CAST Water Safety Foundation in which I travel to Chicago to train new ISR Instructors and provide lessons to students as well. Please visit to find out more about this wonderful organization that is educating families about water safety nationwide and is helping to provide lessons to children in need in the Chicago area.  

My mission is to get to the next child before that child gets to the water. Keep your loved ones safe by providing necessary layers of defense: supervision, pool barriers and aquatic survival lessons through ISR. 



ISR nor any other program can “drown-proof” your child as there’s no such things drown proof! ISR is not a substitution for supervision however it does give your child the skills to have the best fighting chance in the event that all other barriers (fence, locks, supervision) fail them to be an aquatic problem solver and self-rescue should they find themselves alone in the water.


Lessons are attended 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for approximately 4-6 weeks. The consistency of daily lessons is critical for learning efficiency. These are NOT traditional swim lessons! We are teaching highly specialized skills and it is very important to attend class every day. If you cannot commit to this schedule, you might not want to register until you are sure you can.

Unfortunately I don’t offer weekend classes except for occasional missed lesson make ups. ISR has found through many years of research and study that the students learn the skills best when broken down into smaller tasks and use their skills on a consistent, repetitive daily basis until fully skilled. Therefore, lessons are only offered Monday – Friday.

Great question! ISR has been researched and developed for well over 50 years. It’s nationally recognized as the safest swim program for infants and children.

Consider these points regarding the cost of ISR lessons…

1. ISR teaches your child to SWIM. There are no other programs in Arizona (or in the Nation) that will teach your child to swim with their face in the water, roll to their back to rest and breathe, and flip over to continue swimming with the level of training that ISR Instructors have and the safety protocols that ISR Instructors follow. Many parents come to me after spending hundreds of dollars on traditional “swim” programs frustrated because their child doesn’t have any discernible skills after weeks, months, or even years of lessons!

2. You do not need to enroll your children into swim lessons summer after summer, year after year. Once they learn these skills, they have them forever. With refreshers every 6-8 months, they will retain their skills indefinitely. You end up spending more money over time on traditional lessons that are taught by former high school swimmers or college students trying to make some spending money over the summer. Speaking of teaching credentials…

3. Every ISR instructor undergoes 8 weeks of intense training. Hands on, in the pool with an ISR Master Instructor and students, learning the ISR method. For 6-8 weeks, Instructors are in the pool 5x per week for several hours a day, for a minimum of 60 hours with ACTUAL students. In addition, we receive academic training in anatomy, physiology, child psychology, behavior and development, sensorimotor learning, and how each relates to the aquatic environment. Every instructor also must maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications, as well as annual recertification and testing to maintain our ISR certification and skills.

If you add up what you’d spend in a traditional swim program for a few weeks during the summer – where he leaves the class with little to no skills – and then multiply that by every summer until he is 6 years old, this program costs significantly less and the value is infinitely greater. Your children will learn life saving skills that traditional lessons do not provide. If you are concerned solely about initial cost… a swim class that focuses on socialization and play such as a traditional swim program rather than safety and survival such as ISR might be something to consider.

The tuition for students to become fully skilled is $720.00 per student. Although lessons normally take approximately 4-6 weeks. There is no contract or obligation to complete the full 6 weeks if the child becomes skilled before then. 50% is due at sign up and the other 50% is due on week 3 at at the start of the week. (Monday)

Maintenance lessons (lessons that are offered by me to students who have completed the ISR skills and come back for a skill “tune-up” the same season) are $20.00 per lesson per student.

Refresher lessons (lessons that are offered to students who have completed the ISR skills and come back to me to refresh their ISR skills the following season) are $110 per week per student. Please contact me for further details. 


Once your child is registered you will receive a registration packet via email from the ISR national office that contains:

  • A DIGITAL Parent Resource Guide (a comprehensive guide to safety measures involved with having your children in and around water which contains a great amount of information about ISR and a lot of helpful information to ensure your child’s ISR experience is the best it can be).
  • Additional ISR resource information
  • A gift code in which you are able to redeem at ISR’s Seal store for a cloth ISR swim diaper or an ISR t-shirt of your desired size.

Some children cry the first few lessons due to anxiety. They are at a new pool they’ve probably never been to before, being handed into the water to a stranger – it’s normal for them to be wary of the situation! It’s important for us to teach your child to trust his/her instructor and eventually to trust the water. Many kids can’t wait to come to lessons by the end of the first week!

Fear is a learned behavior. We didn’t come out of the womb afraid of spiders, large dogs or water! When someone has a negative experience that involves the fearful object or experience, fear is developed. Your child will only truly be fearful of the water if he or she has witnessed or experienced a traumatic aquatic event or someone close to them has and has tied that emotion to the experience for the child.

What if I don’t want my child to cry – ever?

ISR might not be the right fit for your family. However, parents who have lost a child to drowning will tell you they’d give everything to hear their child cry again. Accidents happen to everyone. If it makes you uncomfortable to hear your child cry, think about what it would feel like to never have the opportunity to hear him at all. And more importantly, remember some of the reasons children cry…

The short answer is yes! ISR (and I) have completed thousands of lessons for students with special needs such as…. autism, down-syndrome, handicaps, limb-differences and many other special exceptionalities! On rare occasions, there are some student’s with certain disabilities that may not be a good match for ISR lessons. However, each student’s online registration is reviewed by a member of our Registration Evaluation Team (RET) of medical professionals. Students may only begin lessons when (or if) their registration is cleared to begin by our RET team. We believe in offering the SAFEST lesson possible for each and every student so that may require some additional safety protocols, a note from a pediatrician or an extended wait period before approval.

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Neither science, sympathy, nor action now can bring back a baby who has drowned