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All sessions full for summer 2024. Please contact me early next year to schedule lessons for Spring 2025 or join my waitlist under the "sign-up" tab.


Currently only offering lessons in Chandler AZ



I offer lessons only at the location listed below during the spring and summer months. I am sorry but I am very rarely able to travel to other locations or individual pools. If you are interested in having an ISR Instructor come to your home to teach lessons, you may contact me for the possibility or to refer you to a Certified Instructor that may be willing to do so.


April –  July, I offer lessons in South Chandler (Lindsay & Chandler Heights) from 7:00am – 12:00pm. 

Location is a heated, salt water private backyard pool. 

If you are not close to any of the locations that I offer lessons at, or my scheduled times do not work for you or your child, you can log on to and enter your zip code into the Instructor locator. ISR has many Instructors throughout Arizona and there may be another Instructor close by that can better meet your needs.

In our efforts to provide instructors in all communities we are also looking to add to our Certified Instructor team. If you, or someone you know is interested in becoming an Instructor, please visit our Instructor information site.

ISR is an extraordinary program and we are constantly striving to expand in order to eradicate the child drowning epidemic facing our children.

The Sooner - The Safer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

On very rare occasions, when my schedule or timing allows, I may travel to pools that are in close proximity to my  set locations for private lessons. The fee for private lessons are $300 weekly minimum (for 1-3 students) and $100 a week additional for each student over 3 and up to 6 maximum at that location plus $150 travel fee per week. Sibling or multiple discounts do not apply when traveling to private locations.

Luckily, heavy storms and bad weather in Arizona are far and few between (HOT doesn’t count lol)! On the rare occasion that a storm sneaks up on us, lessons continue as long as there is no lightning within 10 miles radius of lessons for at least 30 minutes. Lessons do take place in wind and rain. If lessons have to be canceled because of weather, I am happy to offer a makeup day. Makeup days can be used at the end of your child’s session or anytime until the end of the current season. Makeups for missed lessons are not carried over from season to season.


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Customer Testimonials

-David & Jeannine C.

With a backyard pool, we knew our small children would need swimming survival skills, and they learned them through ISR and our Instructor, Becki Pinckard. Becki was wonderful with the kids! So gentle and patient, yet determined to make sure our children learned to swim and float. Our son Will (2 1/2) is so much more confident…and not just around the water! Becki taught him that he CAN do it! The skills our kids learned in ISR are ones we are sure will stay with them for a long time, yet they are skills we hope they NEVER have to use. We cannot recommend this program enough.

-Merris H.

Wow! Is that really my two-year-old floating on her back in the middle of the pool?!!!! I first heard about ISR when I was pregnant and it took me 2 years to sign up. I was very skeptical. I listened to friends share their experiences and I never heard a single negative comment about the program. Once I started Haley, it seemed like everywhere I went people told me how they thought ISR had saved their own children’s lives. Now I am one of those mom’s who endorses ISR. I was amazed at how quickly Becki was able to teach her to roll on to her back and float. It is a time and money commitment for sure but you would never get over it if you lost one of your children. I am so grateful that my little sweetie is ISR trained, it is one less thing to worry about.

Enjoying the pool now! 

-Patty B.

Becki taught our son how to swim when he was 2 1/2 years old. He is now 4 and loves to swim! We took him back to Becki this summer to learn his strokes. He is now swimming laps in our pool, practicing all three of the strokes he learned from “Miss Becki”. We also brought our 3 year old foster daughter to Becki and after only three weeks of lessons (she was a fast learner) she is now swimming on her own. I am impressed with ISR for its commitment to saving children’s lives and making safety a priority. Our foster daughter had several medical issues and her health history was thoroughly reviewed by the doctors and nurses at ISR before lessons could begin. I plan on bringing all future children entrusted in our care to Becki to learn how to swim. She is a pleasure to work with and it is clear that she cares deeply for the welfare of our children.

-Kristy M.

The ISR program is simply amazing. After my first child completed it I swore I’d never pay for another swim lesson that wasn’t ISR. I now have four graduates.

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Neither science, sympathy, nor action now can bring back a baby who has drowned