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Registration Process

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Registration Process

All students must be cleared through the national ISR office prior to starting their first in-water lesson. Registration forms must be filled out and paid for online. You will be asked specific questions regarding your child’s medical history to ensure your child’s safety during lessons. All registrations are kept strictly confidential.  Upon agreement, I will e-mail you my unique URL address for the national online registration.

Once we have set up the agreement, you will use the URL I send to you to register online. At the end of registration, you will be asked to pay the registration fee of $105.00 per student. The registration fee goes to the national ISR office in Florida which supports a team of Doctors and Nurses that review each registration to ensure your child is medically able to participate and to ensure these are the safest swimming lessons held for your child. Payments can be made via credit card, debit card, Pay pal, or e-check. There are no discounts or exceptions for Registration Fees. I will receive e-mail confirmation from the national ISR office once your registration is approved, at which time your child will be scheduled into a time slot per your request. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your start date and time slot.

Start dates and time slots are not secured until completion of registration is confirmed and are subject to change based on availability. Registration is non refundable.  

Once your child is registered you will receive a registration packet via email from the ISR national office that contains:

  • A DIGITAL Parent Resource Guide (a comprehensive guide to safety measures involved with having your children in and around water which contains a great amount of information about ISR and a lot of helpful information to ensure your child’s ISR experience is the best it can be).
  • Additional ISR resource information
  • A gift code in which you are able to redeem at ISR’s Seal store for a cloth swim diaper and ISR t-shirt of your desired size.

You will also receive an email from me shortly before lessons begin which includes directions to the pool location, BUDS sheets information, my ISR Policies, & a Welcome letter that contains many helpful hints and reminders to get your child’s ISR lessons started.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your child’s registration is reviewed by a team of Doctors and Nurses that review each registration to ensure your child is medically able to participate and to ensure these are the safest swimming lessons held for your child. The information we receive from your child’s registration helps us to individually tailor lessons to each student. The registration fee goes to the national ISR office in Florida which supports our Medical staff.

The initial registration fee of $105 is a one-time fee. This fee registers the student with the program for life. However, when children comes back to us for maintenance or refresher lessons, their registration must be updated if it’s been some time since the student has been in the water with us. If it has been over 6 months but less than one calendar year, there is no charge to update your child’s registration. If when the child comes back for lessons it has been over one calendar year since the child’s registration has been updated, there is a $35 update fee until the child reaches the age of 4.

Because registration fees are non-refundable once the registration process is completed. Registration is most successful when registering families know exactly what the program entails regarding the time & financial commitment before registering. I am happy to send the registration link once the expectations have been fully explained and interested families have received all of the information regarding the ISR program.

ISR believes that every child is entitled to self-rescue skills. We try our best to ensure access to families with a serious interest in swim and self-rescue lessons. There are several non-profit organizations (most founded out of the profound loss of a child to drowning) that offer scholarships for ISR lessons. Those in need of financial aid can apply for help with lesson tuition. These organizations helps minimize the cost of self rescue swim lessons for those in need by granting scholarships in varying amounts for families. Scholarships do not cover the initial non-refundable registration fee.
These non-profit organizations are separate from ISR but does work closely with ISR Instructors. Each organization also has their own application process so contacting them directly is the best route for information on applying for and receiving scholarships. Please inquire with one organization prior to submitting an application. Only one organization/scholarship per student is available. 

Organizations that offer ISR Scholarships programs:

Live Like Jake

Running With Wings

Judah Brown Project

Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning

Swim Safe Forever

Because of Logan

The Sylas Project

CAST Water Safety Foundation

Hand In Hand Water Safety Foundation

Because Of Zane

Swim for CJ

The Sooner - The Safer.


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Customer Testimonials

-Brady G.

ISR has been one of the best things we have done for our family. Our 4 year old girl is a strong, confident swimmer. She was swimming to the bottom of the pool to get toys at the age of 3! Parental supervision is still a must, but ISR has enabled us to relax and enjoy pool time together. I have recommended several friends to the program, and all have been more than satisfied. Do not miss out on the opportunity to save your child’s life around the water! Thanks Becki!

-Cyndi K. Mesa AZ

This was my first year doing ISR with my children (ages 2 and 4) and we had an amazing experience! I feel so confident to take them swimming this summer knowing they will be safe and would survive if they ever fell into a pool. My children learned the swim-float-swim method so quickly and loved Miss Becki! I highly recommend ISR and Miss Becki to all mothers with young children, it is a decision you won’t regret!

-Kara C.

My son Ayden started ISR with Becki when he was about nine months old and has done refresher courses every summer. He is now 4. Throughout this process everyone who saw him swim and float was flabbergasted at his ability. His confidence in the water was spectacular. Ayden’s father and I are both firefighters and always encourage people with children to get involved in the ISR process. We unfortunately see the end results or poor supervision or low skill level with drowning. Prevention is the Key!!!

Forever grateful,

-Steve and Tina H.

ISR has been a great experience for me and my children. My daughter has the confidence now to swim in the pool with her friends and family without the fear of getting water in her face. She always asks to “Go swim with miss Becki”. Our son is only 22 months and he too feels more at ease at getting in the water with us. The swim/float/swim sequence has made us feel safer around the water, still never leaving the kids alone, but knowing that our children won’t just panic and drown or, sink to the bottom of the pool. This makes swimming and enjoying activities around the water more enjoyable. We look forward every year to another session of lessons with Miss Becki. Its truly amazing to see the kids grow and the progress that its made year to year with each new lesson. ISR and Becki have been wonderful. Thank you very much for giving us this comfort.


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Neither science, sympathy, nor action now can bring back a baby who has drowned